Data loss can occur due to various reasons

  1. Hard drive crashes or suffers any damage.
  2. PC gets infected with virus or any other form of malware.
  3. USB/external drive gets corrupted or damaged
  4. PC is lost or stolen
  5. Infrastructure loss due to fire, floods, earthquake or any other natural calamity
  6. Theft or any other form of data breach.

How long does it take to recover from any such loss? How much time and man hours are spent to ensure business continuity? What’s the financial and monetary damage to your business and reputation? Consider these factors before deciding to back up your data.

You can back up each and every file that you have. Examples include your financial data, photos, important presentations, Contacts, Bookmarks etc.

Once you install ClicVault, backups can be configured within just a few clicks. You can select the folder from which data should be backed up and assign a strong password to encrypt the same.

You can schedule backup on a regular basis by selecting specific week days and time that it should run. You also have the option of performing a manual backup if need be.

There are various online backup solutions available in the market and hence it could become nerve-wrecking to select the right one for your business.

One should look at the provider’s credentials, their reliability and availability of support when required. As far as the backup tool goes, it should be easy to use both for backing up data or restoring it. It should automatically back up your confidential data in the background without any manual intervention and should notify you in case of any errors. It should be able to perform incremental backups so that your system resources are not always consumed by the tool itself.

In short it should get all the work done with minimum user interference and be 100% reliable.

Your data is encrypted by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 256-bit key before it leaves your computer, and then transferred to our servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. No one will be able to read your data even if they’re watching your connection. Also, they cannot reconstruct your data from our servers without the encryption key as well as your password. You should be careful about not losing your password as that will be required to restore your data back.

As for physical security, the servers are housed in a highly secure data center requiring multiple authentication mechanisms to enter. They follow best practices for providing a secure and stable environment. These include continuous electricity, network uptime and the ability to withstand natural calamities like fire, flood, earthquake etc.

We DO NOT access your data in any manner. Our employees sign strict confidentiality agreements and they cannot access any customer data due to the presence of multiple layers of security. We follow strict procedures and comply with all local laws.

Your data can be restored within few seconds. Select the Restore option and you will be presented with the last 3 backup sets based on the day and time data was backed up. Select the backup set that you would like to be restored and enter the password that you set during the backup configuration. Once entered, ClicVault will begin restoring the files to the selected location and also restore your peace of mind.

We will stop backing up data on the day your FREE trial ends. Your data will remain on our servers for 7 additional days during which you can sign up for one of our Paid plans and ensure continuity. Should you decide not to continue, your data will be erased and you can go ahead and uninstall ClicVault from your system

Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

Any file on your system can be backed up be it photos, mp3s, video files or any other Office documents. ClicVault does not distinguish between file formats or file extensions and hence everything that is selected gets backed up

Once you get close to your storage limit, we will send out a notification and then you can decide to either buy additional storage or delete some files from your backup set. As soon as the storage limit is reached, we will stop backing up any new files until you delete files from your backup or buy additional storage. Even though we are committed to notifying you about your backup, we strongly recommend that you monitor your usage to avoid any interruptions.